SunFoam Tanning Mousse - Travel Size (30mL)

SunFoam Tanning Mousse - Travel Size (30mL)

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Introducing SunFoam Tanning Mousse - a travel sized mousse that will leave your skin with a hydrated, sun-kissed look. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe, and green purslane extract, this mousse will moisturize your skin while providing a beautiful bronze sunless tan. Experience a tantalizing aroma with Mixologie's Tempted (Coconut Kiss) fragrance.

75 pumps/bottle. for most people, that's enough for 1-2 full body applications.

Streak free, fast drying, no orange tones, travel friendly, hydrating formula.

Apply to clean, dry, exfoliated, and moisturized skin for best results. temporary colorant shows where you are applying. tan will develop over the next 1-8 hours. for a light color, shower after 1-2 hours. for a deeper & darker tan, leave on for several hours or overnight. for hands feet, elbows, and knees, a coat of lotion before and after application will ensure a natural look. use a latex glove or wash hands with soap and water thoroughly after applying.